Saturday Stuff(ing)

While both Don Wimmer and Wayno do an admirable job of drawing stuffed animals today…

Rose is Rose © United Feature Syndicate; Bizarro © Bizarro Studios

I’m still liking Eric Reaves‘ menagerie from earlier this week more:

Hi and Lois (and Trixie) © KFS


Gannett’s Sun Journal has a nice column of comic strip memories.

With the call to readers to select their favorite comics for inclusion in 2021 (Pearls Before Swine! Pearls Before Swine!), this seems like a good time to delve into the history of newspaper comic:

The Yellow Kid is public domain

Though he gets a few facts jumbled, like mixing up the details of Blondie and Dagwood’s original circumstances, calling Krazy a “tuxedo cat,” and mistaking the decade Snoopy assumed the WWI Flying Ace mantle, it’s a nice nostalgic piece.


Jim Korkis details the animated origins of Captain Cap’n Crunch.

“You know the Cap’n Crunch commercials? The good ship Guppy and the crew and the adventures and the pirates and the strange creatures and so forth? That world was invented by Allan Burns who was at that time a writer for Jay Ward. Allan Burns later took that same expertise and invented The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

Yeah, you know any Jay Ward Studio story is worth reading.

Cap'n Crunch © PepsiCo

Comicrazys gives us a look at one of those giveaway comic books.


From the Chronicle Chamber:

While there is not a new style guide as such, there is certainly a newly refined “The Phantom” logo, as well as a range of new character art that Phantom licensees and partners have been given to refresh their products.

The Phantom © King Features Syndicate

Some may argue that the logo is not far removed from previous iterations, and certainly the concept of the skull in the ‘O’ in ‘Phantom’ is not a new one.

If the new logo appears as part of The Phantom Sunday strip it won’t happen in the foreseeable future (read this year). By the way, I don’t think I mentioned Jeff Weigel‘s new title panel for The Sunday Phantom when the new story began back in July.


Tomorrow’s comics today!

I got to tell you tomorrow’s (December 6) Doonesbury kills it. Don’t pass it by!

Doonesbury © G.B.Trudeau


Getting back to the top of this page and Wayno, he mentions that with Dan Piraro they are “cooking up a little treat to celebrate the end of this annus horribilis.”

art © Wayno (?)

But he doesn’t just tease it, he reveals (kinda, sorta) what it is in his weekly blog.


By the way, while we’re at the top of the page,
that wasn’t the first time Eric has shown us Trixie’s stuffed toys. From July 1, 2014:


And since they have come up … is it too early?

Albert and Beauregard © Okefenokee Glee & Perloo, Inc.