The Trump Show, A Gallery of Comic Book Covers

Since Mike doesn’t do politics on Fridays, I guess I’ll go there.

President Trump, when cast as a comic book character, is most often portrayed as some version of The Incredible Hulk. Rich Ragsdale has spoofed Trump by placing him on various comic book covers emulating the characteristics of DC, EC, Dell, and Marvel (yes, including a Hulkish interpretation).

art © Rich Ragsdale

In an introduction Rich says:

I grew up on a steady diet of MAD magazine and Zap Comix, warping my feeble adolescent mind with their blend of twisted cartoons and irreverent satire. The Trump era leaves me hungry for that kind of derision again. I didn’t know where to find it anymore since MAD went under, so I decided to make it myself.

While definitely it is Rich’s style, I see evidence of a Greg Irons influence from the underground comix and one Trump face makes me think of Walt Wallet from Dick Moores’ Gasoline Alley.

The American Prospect present a gallery of Trump comic book covers.


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