Peter Steiner: Fired by Paper, Hired by New Yorker

Stories about people getting fired before landing great success or fame are interesting to hear. As it turns out, The Oconee Enterprise has such a story. In 1978, Peter Steiner was fired from this newspaper for cartoons about a controversial school bond referendum. He went on to draw for The New Yorker and is well known for a July 1993 cartoon about online anonymity featuring a dog and personal computer with the tagline “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

cartoon © Conde Nast

The Oconee Enterprise profiles their former editorial cartoonist.

Peter Steiner adds a detail left out of the newspaper account:

I was fired from my first regular cartooning job—the Oconee Enterprise in Watkinsville, Georgia had paid me $25 a cartoon—for taking on what seemed like a shady deal that was being done by one of the town luminaries. He also happened to own the paper [emphasis added]. The cartoon I did ruffled the right feathers though.

The Oconee Enterprise Facebook page has a photo of the full article.