Original Art to Rare 1953 Peanuts Promotional Item

In the Spring of 1954 newspaper readers were offered, for the price of a self-addressed stamped envelope, “The Peanuts Album.” a twelve page booklet featuring the then stars of Charles M. Schulz‘s comic strip. As the promo above notes there were 10,000 of the items printed, now a rarity.

But now the original art for the booklet has surfaced and is up for auction!

From Heritage Auctions:

Historic early multi Peanuts character illustrations from the hand of Peanuts creator, Charles Schulz (1922 – 2000).

In this extraordinary group of illustrations are eight classic Peanuts characters including: Snoopy with his early dog house and TV antenna (6″ x 8″), Lucy (5″ x 8″), Patty (6″ x 8″), Good ol’ Charlie Brown (5″ x 8″), Schroeder at his piano (6″ x 8″), Violet (6″ x 8″), Shermy (5″ x 8″), and Linus (5″ x 8″). The artwork was rendered in pen and marker on illustration paper. The eight pieces are in one frame of 33″ x 24″. Frame sold as-is. This artwork was used by the syndicate to advertise a Peanuts booklet that was made available in 1953/1954.

Hat tip to Animation Magazine which has more details.


Elsewhere in the land of Peanuts

For those of us who won’t be bidding (it’s at $10,000.00 now and the auction is still two weeks from opening) there are some stocking stuffers that are a bit more affordable.

Scott Shaw! and Nat Gertler remind us that Peanuts ReAction Figures are available.

While I’m partial to the 1950s, the concensus seems to favor Mr. Sack.


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