Saturday Stripping (A Friday Funnies Reprise)

Riding Mike’s coattails (again).

Over The Hedge © MFry & TLewis

The Four Horsedudes of the $#!+show is my favorite comic art this week
(though the jokes are laughable; wait..what?).
The Over the Hedge sequence starts on the 17th and ends today.


Shoe © MacNelly

Let’s also take note of the extra effort into lush scenery at Shoe.


Zippy © Bill Griffith

Zippy has cartooning on his mind this past week.

While we’re on Zippy…a digression.

Y’know what else is annoying? Splitting words to fit when there is plenty of room to widen the balloon a bit and avoid the breaks.


Back to cartoonists:

Daddy's Home © Rubino & Markstein

Daddy’s Home describes the frustration when a comic delivers a hilarious joke,
but when it hits print it was two months in the past to the cartoonist.


Vintage King Comics

Bringing Up Father © King Features Syndicate

Jiggs mayoral campaign winds down with accusations in today’s news.


The Phantom © King Features Syndicate

While a new story begins in The Vintage Phantom.
Is it just me or would The Modern Phantom portray this a little differently?
(I do believe the old strips should run as they did and not be changed or ignored.)


Rip Kirby © King Features Syndicate

Also beginning is Round One of Rip Kirby vs. John L. Mulligan!

Another digression…

This story began a couple months ago and I am still impressed with John Prentice’s (and Al Williamson’s) drawing last month of Miss Flora as a Gibson Girl.


Just because…

Dog Eat Doug © Creators Syndicate

Today’s Dog Eat Doug gives me an excuse to use this Poe/Queen mashup.


Actually I’m just a country boy, born and raised and still in the boondocks; so I gotta ask:

Brevity © Andrews McMeel Syndication

Do newsstands, as seen in today’s Brevity, still exist in The Big City?


One thought on “Saturday Stripping (A Friday Funnies Reprise)

  1. Regarding the newsstand in “Brevity,” the NYC newsstands today sell candy and drinks and if you are lucky you can find one or two copies of the Daily News, NYTimes and NY Post. But it’s 99.9% candy and drinks in a metal box, without any newspapers falling out into the street like in the past. 9 times out of 10, there are no newspapers at the newsstands in NYC on most days.

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