Connecticut Cartoonist Roger Straub Profiled

…[Roger] Straub delights in recalling that magic moment in 1999, which came about after Leland Morgan, owner of The Trumpeter newspaper of East Haddam, said: “Rog, I have an idea. Can you create a comic for my paper?”

Ever since then, [Mac] O’Moodus and Straub have been entertaining readers of select newspapers in rural Connecticut as well as people who have latched onto Straub’s two self-published books of cartoons.

Connecticut Magazine profiles Connecticut cartoonist Roger Straub.

“Mac’s not political,” Straub says. “But he’s strong on the environment, strong on animal rights. I’m very big on pride of country, which I think with COVID is so important. Mac’s patriotic. He loves America.”

“Mac’s a loner, an observer,” Straub adds. When I point out to Straub that he is very much like his creation, he smiles and says: “I am Mac. There’s no doubt. Mac’s warm and fuzzy, like me. All the issues Mac deals with are the issues I care about: the environment, animal kindness and kindness to other humans.”

“You’ll never find a cartoon of mine that’s in your face,” he notes. “It’s wholesome. It’s the Leave it to Beaver of cartoons.”

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Mac O’Moodus © Roger Straub