Flash Forward – New Flash Gordon Comic Strip

Flash Gordon is back!

Flash Gordon © King Features Syndicate

From the King Features Syndicate blog:


Launching on Sunday, November 15, this all-new, original comic strip anthology project features 40 world-renowned artists and illustrators, each telling the story of Flash Gordon through their own unique lens. Talent includes Tana Ford (LaGuardia, Livewire, Black Panther), Jim Keefe (Flash Gordon, Sally Forth), Liniers (Macanudo), June Brigman (Mary Worth, Supergirl, The Power Pack), Pia Guerra (Y: The Last Man and political cartoons), Sina Grace (Iceman, The Walking Dead, Ghosted in L.A.), Mx Struble (Getting it Together), Joanne Starer (Marvel Knights), Khary Randolph (MosaicBlackExcellence), Erica Henderson (The Unbeatable Squirrel GirlJugheadDracula, Motherf***er), Denis Kitchen (Masterful Marks, The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen) and many others.

No word on the frequency but:

From your favorite funny page cartoonists to top comic book artists, animators, graphic novelists and web cartoonists, this new product offering of Flash Gordon-inspired comic strips from King Features is an anniversary celebration that everyone who loves the Savior of the Universe will enjoy in both print and digital formats.

Read the first episode of Flash Forward on Comics Kingdom

And go back to that blog page for much more Flash Gordon news!

Kudos to KFS for starting it off with a Jim Keefe episode!


3 thoughts on “Flash Forward – New Flash Gordon Comic Strip

  1. Appears to be a weekly (Sundays).

    Odd that Flash Gordon was one of the strips readers were asked whether *or not* they wanted to see rebooted just a week before the launch.

  2. It’s fun being the first artist featured right out of the gate. In the Sunday page I did I really wanted to capture the action-packed feel of Alex Raymond’s first year on the strip. Meaning Ming, mayhem and MONSTERS!

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