Attababy! Thatababy is 10!

A month late but GoComics is interviewing cartoonist Paul Trap
as his Thatababy comic strip reaches its 10th year of syndication.

GC: How do you keep the jokes fresh and funny every day for 10 years?
Paul: Caffeine and panic.

GC: What’s your trick/go-to to overcome artist’s block?
Paul: I’m first in line if someone comes up with an answer to that question. ’Til then, more coffee.

The full (short) interview is here.

Thatababy © Paul Trap

Other comic strips celebrating ten years of syndication this year were
Dogs of C-Kennel – began syndication on the same day (Oct. 4) as Thatababy
Barney & Clyde
Diamond Lil

Add “Oh, Brother!” and “Freshly Squeezed” and 2010 will be looked on as The Good Old Days,
when seven strips began national syndication in one year.
2020 has had, so far, only “Caption It” released to newspapers as a nationally syndicated comic.

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  1. Thatababy is consistently excellent. I feel like it gets inexplicably lost among some of the other newer Andrew McMeel comics sometimes, but Trap’s writing and art are just splendid.

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