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Hägar the Horrible is slated for prime time animation. From Deadline:

Hägar the Horrible is set to make a raid on the small screen with an animated family sitcom series in development.

Fresh Off the Boat writer and producer Eric Ziobrowski is writing the adaptation, which comes from King Features, the Hearst-owned division behind the comic strip and The Jim Henson Company.

The series will follow the hardworking Viking family led by a larger than life hero, Hägar, who can’t quite understand how the society he once understood is changing around him.


© The Hess Family and Val Bagley

Forget journals or blogs, this family hired a cartoonist to record their family history. From KSLTV:

Go digging through old pictures, and the memories come flowing back. But set it in colored ink, and those stories come alive in a new way.

Kathy Holt-Given and brothers Norm and Al Hess are seeing their childhood in a whole new way.

It’s all happening through Val Chadwick Bagley, [no relation] an old acquaintance of Holt-Given.

Bagley, who now lives in Star Valley, Wyoming, takes the memories from the pictures Holt-Given sends, and packs a whole story into a single comic.


Mr. Monster © Michael T. Gilbert; Funky Winkerbean © Batom

Behind the scenes of the recent jam by Tom Batiuk, Chuck Ayers, and Michael T. Gilbert of Mr. Monster guest-starring in Funky Winkerbean is played out in Tom’s blog, with Michael T. gags on his part of the art.


But is it art? Art restoration is (not) funny. The Daily Mail reports.

A repaired sculpture has been ridiculed as ‘cartoon-like’ in the latest case of a Spanish art restoration gone wrong. 

‘It’s more like a cartoon head than the artistic head of one of Palencia’s most emblematic buildings,’ local painter Antonio Guzman wrote in a Facebook post alongside before and after shots of the statue.


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Forget reviving Krazy Kat, neoclassical Mickey Mouse is coming.

Régis Loisel is a cartoonist living in Montreal, Canada. Since the 1970s Loisel has become one of the most decorated French comic artists, especially in the fantasy genre…

Mickey Mouse: Zombie Coffee sees Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow go camping to forget the Great Depression. But when they return to Mouseton, they find shady real-estate developer Rock Fuller destroying it to build a golf course… with the help of an army of “zombies,” transformed from normal citizens with a magic drink! What does Mickey’s old enemy Pegleg Pete have to do with this evil scheme… and can Mickey trip it up?

“Zombie Coffee” is told in the daily-comic-strip-serial style of Disney legend Floyd Gottfredson‘s beloved early Mickey adventures.


S. Lee and Stan G. © Marvel Comics; Superman © DC Comics

Benedikt Taschen publishes art books, BIG art books. The Art Newspaper profiles.

The 59-year-old Benedikt Taschen, the legendary founder of the book publisher Taschen, started his business on his parents’ kitchen table in Cologne more than four decades ago.

Today, as Taschen prepares to celebrate 40 years of trading, the business is jointly run with his eldest daughter, Marlene, and comprises around 200 employees, 13 bookshops, and offices in Cologne, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Thousands of editions of books have been produced and sold, including the most expensive book in history, the famous Helmut Newton Sumo—so called for its gargantuan size.


© Lauren Whaley and The Telegraph

Lauren Whaley is now contributing cartoons and columns to The (Alton, Ill.) Telegraph.


© Adam Ellis

Bored Panda showcases “beloved cartoonist Adam Ellis.”

His comics are everywhere and hardly a day goes by without his art popping up on our feeds. And if you haven’t seen one of his cartoons on social media, then you’ll have to pardon us cuz we just have to ask if you’ve actually got an internet connection or if you’re living under a rock like Patrick Star.


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