Some Comic Book Stuff

In the 1950s Marvel Comics was known as Atlas and by the end of that decade their “mystery” comic books specialized in monsters.

Peter Kuper apparently is a fan. From The Nation:

Though Peter uses a latter day logo:


In the early 1960s Richard Lupoff was at the forefront of the emerging comic book fandom.

Dick recently passed away. Ted White, at The Comics Journal, remembers.


Sixty years ago James Warren partnered with  Harvey Kurtzman and Helped start a comic book. A few years later Warren started a Creepy comic book that ran for a couple decades. Six years ago Richard Sala, in a sort of tribute to Creepy (the way Creepy was indebted to EC Comics) began The Creeps.

Now New Comic Company LLC, who acquired the rights to Creepy in 2007, is suing Richard Sala’s Warrant Publishing Company for copyright infringement, alleging The Creeps is “intentionally seeking to take advantage of the popularity and goodwill of Creepy magazine, its prior publisher (Warren), and Creepy’s devoted fan base.”

The Los Angeles Daily News reports. 
Richard Sala’s Warren Tribute Facebook page has more.


The Complete Four-Color Four Color Index is now available.


Trina Robbins has posted copies of the art work that was lost/stolen.

HERE’S PHOTOS OF MY LOST ART! The curator of the exhibit took photos on my kitchen table before taking the art, and here they are. Two of the lost pieces turn out to be a poster and a copy of the newspaper, It Ain’t Me, Babe, so, although the newspaper is rare, the cost is pretty negligeable (Though it would be nice to get them back, too). So here are the three pages to keep an eye out for. Thank you all for caring!