I Remember Momma

On the morning of October 26, 1970 The Miami Herald carried the debut of Doonesbury. On that same date crosstown rival, and JOA partner, the evening Miami News was one of the papers that introduced the world to Mell Lazarus’ Momma.

Momma © Mell Lazarus

Like the daily Doonesbury Momma went reruns in the 2010s, the last new Momma running in 2016.

The Miami News folded in 1988, but a little north, in Brevard County, Florida Today was running Momma, so senior Floridians still had their golden girl. Florida Today continues to carry Momma reruns these days (alongside reruns of the daily Doonesbury, The Amazing Spider-Man, For Better or For Worse, Peanuts, and Tiger).


5 thoughts on “I Remember Momma

  1. Not too long ago, I bought some original Momma art – five 1973 strips, and I love Miss Peach, also by Mel. Miss Peach always reminds me of the old Long Island Press, which I delivered as a kid, it was the only newspaper in the NY area that carried Miss Peach. Recently I was cleaning out the closet and I came upon some old Miss Peach books which I’ve been enjoying re-reading.

  2. I love the fact that Mell wrote his own posthumous, final Momma strip.

    Does anyone know what became of his piano? The one that was signed by all the cartoonists? It should be in a museum.

  3. In that last Momma strip with all the characters from other cartoons, who is the character on the far right? I don’t know that strip.

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