B.C., Wiz of Id, C-Kennel – Letters at JHS

Back in August there was a startling change in Dogs of C-Kennel comic strip art.

above: Saturday August 8, 2020 (left); Monday August 10, 2020 (right)

After seven weeks the switch from hand lettering to digital became more tolerable when cartoonists Mick and Mason and Perri shortened the tall lettering font to a more reasonable size.

above: the September 21, 2020 Dogs of C-Kennel (© Creators Syndicate)

The Sundays followed the daily change by a week (August 16) and by a month (October 18).

But hand lettering hasn’t been totally discarded:

(In spite of the continuity, the above panels are from 3 different strips.)

Next came The Wizard of Id change in September, this time in midweek.

above left – September 17 (Thursday); above right September 18 (Friday)

Mick and Ma(son)Ma(stroianni)‘s little short’nin of the new font came October 5, 2020:

Wizard of Id © John Hart Studios

Finally this past Monday, in October, the new digital font hit B.C.

B.C. © John Hart Studios

So all of the John Hart Studios strips have now gone to digital lettering.
I don’t know if this means Perri Hart is no longer lettering for the strips,
or if it is an attempt to ease the work load of doing three strips.
My preference is hand lettering, but I am growing accustomed to the new art.

2 thoughts on “B.C., Wiz of Id, C-Kennel – Letters at JHS

  1. When I’ve had a reason to use digital lettering, I’ve used four different fonts, so that every “E” doesn’t look exactly the same. I don’t know why it isn’t done like that. It looks much more natural, and you can make a program where the computer picks a random font while you type.

    I’ve also considered making a font out of Sparky Schulz’s lettering. And you could do the same thing: 4 different Schulz “S’s” four different Schulz “O’s”, and so on.

  2. Why the parentheses in this part of the article(?):

    “Mick and Ma(son)Ma(stroianni)‘s little short’nin of the new font came October 5, 2020:”

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