The Right and Left Have Coffee with Scott Adams, plus an Adams Webcomic

Scott Adams is appearing everywhere today. Of course there’s the thousand plus newspapers where his Dilbert appears every day. Then there is his daily Real Coffee with Scott Adams video. Also today he appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber (video not yet available).

Very early this morning The Right’s Townhall had an article where Scott did not convince the columnist that wearing masks was a good thing.

Scott Adams is a funny, brilliant guy and I’m a huge fan, but with respect, he’s wrong on this. With hospitals far from overwhelmed, there is a far stronger argument for a return to REAL normalcy than the one for this dystopian reality we’ve forced ourselves into living with no end in sight.

Later in the day at The Left’s Wonkette Scott did not convince their columnist that the polls are wrong because “shy” Trumpsters are not voicing their opinion.

Support for Trump is rarely a defensible moral stance but rather a defiant poke in someone’s eye. Which, again, doesn’t really go with being “shy.”

Scott’s popular twitter feed, Scott Adams Says, continues as active as ever.

Also today Scott dropped a web comic strip.

Robots Read News: An Occassional Web Comic by Scott Adams appears on another of his social media platforms The strip is new to me but has been around for over five years. Seems a print collection of these political strips by a popular best-selling author would be a no-brainer as an alternative to Garry Trudeau’s Trump books.


One thought on “The Right and Left Have Coffee with Scott Adams, plus an Adams Webcomic

  1. Of course, if there’s anyone’s opinion about public health that I really need to hear, it’s a cartoonist. Particularly one who hasn’t been relevant since my dad taped Dilbert strips his desk in the 90’s and is basically only known for being a jerk on the internet now.

    We’re in the mess we’re in now because we keep giving nimrods who don’t know anything and just like to talk out of their keesters the same attention that we give actual experts in their fields. Let Adams go back to making money off of Dilbert ties if he can and quit giving his opinions oxygen.

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