Some Newspapers Drop October 11 Doonesbury – updated

original October 12 post:

Five weeks after The Atlantic article detailing alleged remarks by President Trump where he is unable to fathom military service, Garry Trudeau featured the contents of that article in his October 11, 2020 Doonesbury.

Because the article has been disputed, or because of the last two panels (“Nobody wants to see that”), at least three newspapers did not run the strip.

In a thread on Joey Thingvall’s Facebook page Brent Anderson reported that the San Francisco Chronicle ran the Sunday page, but just north of SF the Santa Rosa Press Democrat replaced the strip. The replacement strip, which mentions the Biden and Trump campaigns, is apparently a bunny strip created by Garry for those more timid editors.

Doonesbury © G. B. Trudeau

In that same thread Eilis Flynn says the Seattle Times also refused to run the original strip. And Mark Jackson, in a Keith Knight thread, notes that the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle went with the replacement.

above: first three panels of replacement strip courtesy Mark Jackson.

For what it’s worth Stars and Stripes ran the full original strip in their weekend edition.


October 17 – update

So Garry Trudeau, who has never to my (limited) knowledge offered “bunny strips” as a replacement to newspaper editors, did not offer any such thing to them for the October 11 Sunday. The “replacement” strip was this weekend’s (October 18) Sunday strip bumped up a week.

Check date in above panel.

So now the question becomes – do newspapers that ran this week’s strip last week run it again? Or do they stay a week ahead for a time? Or did the syndicate go with the bump as an emergency measure and will now offer a rerun to fill the gap?

16 thoughts on “Some Newspapers Drop October 11 Doonesbury – updated

  1. Thanks for the article. Why any military person; Active, Retired, or veteran votes for Trump is beyond me. (from a 100 pct, combat related, Disabled Veteran.) It was chicken s**t for those papers to not run the original strip.

  2. If you read the Richmond (VA) Times Dispatch, this is noting new. Although the paper did print this past Sunday’s comic verbatim. They have refused to print two anti-Trump Doonesburys in the past two months however, with no comment. The best correlation I’ve been able to come up with is that if Trudeau is showing Trump with bloody hands, they won’t run it.

  3. “It was chicken s**t for those papers to not run the original strip.”

    Was profanity intended for this sentence (if so, why)?

  4. The Los Angeles Times also ran the replacement strip. I’m actually a little surprised because, although they once took a heavier hand with the content of their comics than many other newspapers, those days seemed to be gone (due to both changing editorial standards and fewer people being on staff).

  5. Answer to Mario500. ((You asked for this answer.) Any veteran (and this cartoon is related to disabled veterans and the newspapers that refused to acknowledge how Trump empathizes with them) knows that the term is a descriptor of cowardly behavior. Yes, the term is vulgar, but I only alluded to the vulgar part by using asterisks. The vulgarity here, is the attitude of DT and the press that still coddles him.

  6. By censoring the strip, aren’t the newspapers making Trudeau’s point? (“Nobody wants to see that.”)

  7. I emailed the Seattle Times features editor that Monday to ask about not running the strip, and have heard nothing.

  8. Couldn’t newspapers print the original strip as a political cartoon? Many recent political cartoons are far more pointed.

  9. #Mario500: According to the free dictionary by Farlex, the term profane means, “Marked by contempt or irreverence for what is sacred.” Rump was profane.

  10. “So now the question becomes – do newspapers that ran this week’s strip last week run it again?”

    That’s what the Rochester (NY) /Democrat and Chronicle/ did this morning.

  11. The southern New Mexico papers (they run the same comics to do just one large print one) ran the “bunny strip” last week, and apparently the same strip again the next week.

  12. The Fort Collins Coloradoan did not run it, choosing to put the strip scheduled for Oct. 18 instead. The editor blamed King Features Syndicate for making that call, but it is clear it was published just fine. I may have to do some research at King to find out. . . Our paper is also in the USA Today/Gannett network. Any indication if they made a call on the strip?

    Telling that the Stars and Stripes ran it as is. . .

  13. He’s merely reporting what trump said. Those newspapers that censored Trudeau should follow trump’s advice about Corona virus to not be afraid to go out there & live their lives.

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