KFS Comics Editor Tea Fougner Interviewed

Tea Fougner, Editorial Director of Comics for King Features Syndicate, was recently
interviewed by Heidi MacDonald on the Publishers Weekly Comics World podcast;
and they covered a lot in the 30 minutes.

Ecomics – Tea, the guiding force behind Popeye’s Cartoon Club, discusses King Features recent dive into webcomics (Rae the Doe, #Sales).

Career – The needs and criteria for a cartoonist doing a daily comic strip

Books – The licensing of strips to book publishers such as Abrams, Andrews McMeel, Fantagraphics, Hermes, IDW, etc.

Mark Trail – Couldn’t avoid this these days. The Trail comic strip will return to its conservationist roots, with Mark questioning some of his past decisions.

Also – legacy strips, Take It From The Tinkersons, Macanudo, and more.

Future Funnies – Tea hints at a cartoonist carousel project she’s developing. Big-Name and little-known cartoonists contributing to an anthology comic (panel?). It made me think of stuff like King Features’ old Laff-A-Day that is still available through their weekly service.

Laff-A-Day © King Features Syndicate

Listen to an enchanting, and surprisingly full, 30 minutes.