‘Jumpstart’ 30-Year Anniversary Treasury Hits Streets Today

Robb Armstrong has created more than 10,000 “Jumpstart” comics over his 30-year career. To celebrate the comic strip’s XXX anniversary, Robb has selected more than 500 strips that look back at some of the highlights of his three-decade run. Check it out on Amazon here.

From Robb’s Amazon page:

One of the longest-running African-American comic strips in history, JumpStart appears in hundreds of newspapers, earning praise from readers including Peanuts creator Charles Schulz. This special treasury traces the strip’s development over the past three decades, featuring some of the strip’s most enduring and humorous storylines.


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  1. The “description” mentioned in the article could had been better off without its text of, “African-American” (note: I had found the text to had been unnecessary).

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