The 100 Sequences That Shaped Animation

Vulture presents one hundred animation sequences chosen by a knowledgeable group that deemed these worthy of showcasing the magic of animation.

“[A]nimation is the art of manipulating the invisible interstices between frames.”

Animated cartoons fool the brain into believing that static images can move; characters are “brought to life” by putting pen to paper or finger to a computer’s trackpad.

The editors explain:

This list is not intended to be comprehensive. One hundred is a crushingly compact number of slots with which to encapsulate the totality of a medium. That isn’t to say we didn’t try. We arrived at our list after months of discussions and arguments among a brain trust of animation professionals, historians, and other experts. More than 600 nominations were considered based on the criteria we established: Since this list is for an American audience, entries skew toward what influenced American animation…

Remember this is a list of sequences, not complete films or shorts.
The list includes choices from 1892 to 2019.
Read the entries, with accompanying animation, at Vulture.

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