Some Comic Strip Stuff

Thatababy © Paul Trap

Congratulations to Paul Trap on ten years of Thatababy.
The entire 10 year archive is available at GoComics.


Bringing Up Father © King Features Syndicate

In the vintage section of Comics Kingdom Jiggs is running for mayor. Two days after our September 29 Presidential Debate the 1946 vintage rerun seemed as current as any editorial cartoons that day.



The Hotel Fred © Roger Langridge

Among the Mysteries of the Universe is why no syndicate has snatched up Roger Langridge.


Red and Rover © Brian Basset

Commenters on the above Red and Rover maintain that that comic sets the strip firmly in 1969. But the Star Trek series immediately went into syndication after the original series ended. I continue to believe it takes place in the early 1970s, though I’ve seen references that place it as late as 1975 (a source I can’t find at the moment).


above © E.C. Publications

Decades old material from MAD Magazine by Sergio Aragonés has come back to light with this year’s protests. Comic Book Resources (CBR) reports. Possibly they will be republished in the coming Sergio Tribute Issue of MAD.

below © E.C. Publications


© Saturday Evening Post Society

Before they were comic strip creators, they were magazine cartoonists.


Did we ever note Patrick McDonnell’s tribute to Gene Ahern?
The September 20th Mutts paid homage to The Squirrel Cage.

Mutts © Patrick McDonnell; The Squirrel Cage © King Features Syndicate