Trump’s Failure to Denounce White Supremacy Loses Scott Adams’ Vote – update: Adams Votes Trump

Exuberant President Trump supporter Scott (“Dilbert”) Adams has taken Trump’s failure to denounce white supremacy as a personal affront, and that cost him Adams’s vote.

Mediaite reports:

The Dilbert creator explained that he was excited when the “fine people hoax” came up again and expected Trump to shut down “the lie,” but was incredibly disappointed with what the president did instead:

“I thought, it’s so obvious what you should say in this situation, and then he just didn’t,” he added. “I thought to myself, I really feel abused, honestly. I took it personally. That wasn’t politics anymore. That wasn’t politics anymore. That was me personally, and I feel like he screwed me — personally.

“And then I had to sit there, stewing in that, and that white nationalist, white supremacist question comes up, and he botched it,” he added. “It was a layup. It was free money sitting on the f*cking table, and he left it there.”

The President could restore Scott’s faith in him if he were, even days later in a scripted statement, do the right thing.

Watch Scott Adams October 1st podcast where he spends the first half on Trump’s non-denounciation of white supremacy. At 27 minutes into the podcast Scott admits that losing his vote doesn’t much matter since, “I also have never … I haven’t voted lately so it’s not like it is any big difference.”

More importantly, has Trump lost Scott’s (and others’) support over this issue.


Same day, hours later update via Scott Adams Twitter feed:



4 thoughts on “Trump’s Failure to Denounce White Supremacy Loses Scott Adams’ Vote – update: Adams Votes Trump

  1. Mr. Adams, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Trump to do the right thing; this is who he is. Always got a good laugh out of Dilbert, so thanks for that.

  2. Thanks for the update—I’ve been tossing and turning all night wondering what Scott Adams is thinking.

  3. I agree with Mary Ella. It’s such a relief to finally know for sure how Scott Adams is going to vote.

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