Political Cartoonist’s House is Egged

A New Ipswich artist who created a political cartoon of a local state representative said his house was vandalized in response.

Matt Patterson of New Ipswich mainly creates art of wildlife, with a special interest in turtles and amphibians. But he recently tried his hand at political satire of State Rep. Paul Somero, with a caricature of Somero holding a “Truth Prevails” sign while holding a cup for President Donald Trump to pour bleach into.

above: Matt Patterson‘s cartoon

On Saturday night, Patterson said his camera caught two individuals who egged his house, and left one of Somero’s “Truth prevails” signs in his yard.

Patterson said he had only recently posted his satirical cartoon on social media, and the egging was likely a response to that.

The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript story via the Concord Monitor.

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