Frog Applause to Remain on GoComics

GoComics and Andrews McMeel have sent notice that due to the overwhelming response of Frog Applause fans to the threat of the comic being removed from the site, the decision has been reversed and Frog Applause will remain on GoComics!

Your fans have spoken and we are listening. We have reassessed and would like to keep “Frog Applause” on the site, if you would still like it to remain on the site.

[P]lease do get the word out that their campaign was successful.

Way to go Teresa Burritt fans.

17 thoughts on “Frog Applause to Remain on GoComics

  1. This is the best news and fans will rejoice!
    It’s a very unique strip and there’s no other like it!
    Now I can enjoy Frog Applause every morning to start my day!
    Thank you GC!

  2. Many thanks to GC’s Overlords & Overladies for listening to Frog Applause’s faithful readers and saving the best strip they have..

  3. A very big THANK YOU to SHENA WOLF and all her colleagues at GoComics for listening to us fans and reinstating FROG APPLAUSE!

    I don’t know why I’m typing in all-caps, but this is a really, really super nice outcome!

  4. It takes a big heart to to take in new information and change one’s mind about a decision. Thank you GoComics, Shena Wolf, John Glynn, and everyone involved.

  5. We, the denizens of Froglandia, salute you GC … it is tremendously gratifying to know that your organization has the courage to change your mind and do the right thing. We are all happy campers … but not as happy as Teresa, I’m sure. To all you McMeelians … “This CROAK is for YOU!” (and thankfully not for us) ….

  6. I am most grateful to the powers that be at GoComics for listening to the exortations (and anguished moans) of the Frog Applause fans. I would have desperately missed my daily dose of fascinating whimsy!

  7. YAY!!! I’m delighted at this news!

    Applause for Frog Applause remaining on GoComics!

  8. What a great birthday present!

    Many heartfelt thanks to Shena Wolf and the staff at Go Comics. Frog Applause deserves its reprieve, and the folks at GC deserve our appreciation for seeing its way to this excellent conclusion.


  9. I’ve been searching for the perfect words to thank GC in general and Shena Wolf in particular for reversing course: everyone above (esp. Daniel Grossberg) beat me to it.
    JFG and others at GC also were immensely important and helpful (and those “others” know who they are). Thanks to you, too.
    This looks a win-win-win – for GC, TB, and FA’s “loyal cult following”.

  10. Thanks GoComics !! Great to see an organization that can flex and re-evaluate. Frog Applause is a real gem – very happy to hear that all the fans can continue to enjoy.

  11. The sun seems a little brighter this morning! A big thank you to GoComics, Ms.Wolf and everyone involved in the decision to keep Frog Applause.

  12. Thank you for reinstating Frog Applause. It means a lot to us, and I know it means very much to Teresa. I’m glad that I can still have GoComics. It’s a big part of my morning.


  13. Dear GC folks;
    I still wish I could have met some of you in person when at your world headquarters a few years ago but now I can honestly say that it gladdens my Heart that you have allowed the legs to remain on the Frog. 🙂 Gweedo

  14. A heartfelt thank you to GoComics and Shena Wolf for reversing their decision and saving Frog Applause from the chopping block. Fans are overjoyed! Mr. Portly J. Francis Glenn, let this be a lesson to you! I hope you enjoyed Vlad’s fist campaign as much as we did. And remember, Vlad to be watching always to you!

  15. Happy news! The world is good again. I know it might sound silly for people who don’t care about the comics, but losing a comic one follows and looks forward to daily, is almost like losing a dear friend. I was so sad every day wondering how I would cope without one of my favorite comics to enjoy and entertain me. Thank you, goComics. Thank you, John Glynn. Thank you, Shena Wolf. You heard us. You really heard us. I was starting to worry because every time I wrote to the goComics support line I didn’t get an answer that I could use. Yes, I was upset about almost losing Frog Applause, but I was more upset at goComics for doing a poor job of answering complaints. I don’t like getting emails that are just copied over and over. My feeling was that they didn’t care whether I was happy with their answer or not. Another subscriber wrote in a second time and he was told not to write again. goComics said they won’t answer the same question. Well, if you don’t get your question answered or you get lots of answer to questions you didn’t even ask, then you might want to try again. I don’t think it’s nice or fair to treat subscribers like this. I I wrote a long time before now and the goComics people were very nice then so I don’t know what happened. Maybe they don’t like Frog Applause or Teresa. Is that possible? I mean, they wanted to get rid of her and her comic so I can’t be that far off.

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