New Mark Trail by Jules Rivera in October – update

September 29 update

King Features Syndicate via Reed Brennan announced that Jules will be taking over the Sunday Mark Trail page beginning November 8, 2020:

Attention MARK TRAIL Clients:
A new artist will be beginning on MARK TRAIL with the Monday of 10/12 and the Sunday of 11/8. At that time, please adjust your bylines to read JULES RIVERA. Thank you, King Features Editorial

But – will it retain the educational aspect or ….


original September 25, 2020 item:

The New York Times is reporting that the Mark Trail comic strip will have new episodes by cartoonist Jules Rivera starting October 12, 2020.

“Mark Trail,” a newspaper comic strip about an outdoor magazine writer and environmentalism, is getting a makeover. On Oct. 12, the cartoonist Jules Rivera will take over the strip.

above: Mark Trail by Jules Rivera ©North America Syndicate (KFS); sample via NYTimes

Jules will keep some of the old clichés (the signature ball remains),
but will introduce new ideas on adventures and characters.

More from the New York Times report:

Rivera does not see her take on “Mark Trail” as a reboot. Instead, she describes it as a “blowup,” a bigger focus on the characters and themes of the strip but with a modern sensibility, which let her put her degree in electrical engineering and a background in STEM to use. She’s also updating Mark’s look. “I kind of drew inspiration from Jon Hamm,” she said. Among the other enhancements: His wife, Cherry, and their son, Rusty, will receive more prominent roles.

7 thoughts on “New Mark Trail by Jules Rivera in October – update

  1. This looks very promising, although I’m pretty sure I can already visualise the hatred that’ll come in the comments section.

  2. Very good, but I hope they finish the current story instead of just interrupting it. Andy’s near death.

  3. Mark Trail needed to a serious relaunch. I hope the King Features don’t make the same mistake made by John Glynn with Alley Oop. The actual writer, Joey Alison Sayers, has completely destroyed the strip.

  4. With Alley Oop, they actually shut off the Comments because they were too negative. You would think a company would wonder if the criticism was legitimate, instead of effectively telling their readers to shut up about it.

  5. Ignatz – It looks like they will be able to make a clean switch from the May 2001 rerun strips to the October 2020 new strips.

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