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Comic Tidbits

Pluggers header from 2015 (above) and 2020(below) © Tribune Content Agency

Just saying – I would like to see a Rick McKee illustration replace the old Gary Brookins header for the Pluggers Sunday page.

And yes, I realize that The Amazing Spider-Man continues to use the John Romita title panels 40 years after John stopped drawing the strip.
The Amazing Spider-Man  © Marvel Comics and distributed through KFS


Loose Parts © Dave Blazek, distributed by Washington Post News Service and Syndicate
Silver Reuben for Best Newspaper Panel of 2019 owned by Dave Blazek

In a local boy makes good article the Erie Times-News reports on Dave Blazek winning The Silver Reuben for his Loose Parts panel.


Beetle Bailey © King Features Syndicate

The Jefferson City (Mo.) News Tribune talks to Greg Walker about his comics career. Among the tidbits revealed is the current workforce of the Beetle Bailey comic strip.

“It really is a family business since Brian does most of the writing and Neal assists me with the artwork,” Greg Walker said. “I am the ‘inker’ and go over all the penciling and complete the finished artwork. We still have a lot of unused gags that were written by our father and, sometimes, if I come up with a gag, I letter, pencil and ink it all the way through.”

above: Mort, Greg, Brian, and Neal in 2017; photo via News Tribune


The Shadow © Conde Nast

Chloe Maveal, via NeoText, offers an appreciation of Alex Toth.

Toth seemingly never put a line out of place, nor ever lost the ability to leave his art filled with seeming spontaneity and life, as if it had been as effortless and enjoyable to create as it was to look at.

above: Johnny Thunder from All-American Western 1949 © DC Comics

More Alex Toth art via Bristol Board.

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#1 Steve Herberger
@ 6:33 pm

Someone should point out to Neo Text that the Johnny Quest character sketches are by Doug Wildey, not Alex Toth.

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