The End of an Error, uh, Era

It’s the end of an era, marking an error of MADdening proportions.

MAD covers and material is © E.C. Publications

Above is MAD #15 (right and on sale now) and MAD #16 (left, on sale October 6, 2020).
The major difference between the two issues, other than the cover, is that for the first time in a dozen years there is no Tom Richmond feature (not even a reprint) in issue #16. For the immediate future MAD will no longer carry original material by Tom – reprints probably will appear depending on the an issue’s theme.

Tom has been one of “the usual gang of idiots” for 20 years, first appearing in MAD #399 (October 2000) and creating material for every issue since MAD #494 (October 2008).

Tom’s last original content for MAD was a tribute to the great Mort Drucker.

To turn this into a “First and Last” installment here’s Tom first piece for MAD:

In a final piece of Tom Richmond/MAD news let’s note that earlier this month the National Cartoonists Society presented Tom with the Magazine/Newspaper Illustration Silver Reuben primarily for his MAD Magazine work.



above: Sheesh, another two-page spread!? This one © Tom Richmond & Desmond Devlin

Tom isn’t done with satire, partnering with Desmond Devlin they are producing new material:

We are pleased to announce the launch of our IndieGoGo campaign to produce a book FULL of movie parodies in the classic, humorous vein. Full color! Real paper! Hardcover! Reasonably proficient grammar! It’s called Claptrap!

Tom explains about the above parody and more:

Our first parody is already done (see splash page above)! MAD spoofed all 8 of the previous main Star Wars movies… but not the last one! “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” completes the parody series. We already have our second parody written and the art is in the works… this one is a classic drama that is considered one of the best movies ever made, but MAD never did a spoof of it! We’ll reveal that midway through the campaign, complete with a look at the splash page.

As always, check in with Tom’s blog to keep up with his many activities.



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  1. OK, I think I have all of them except “C”.

    L from Blade Runner.

    A from Jurassic Park?

    P from Pulp Fiction.

    T from Toy Story.

    R from Star Wars.

    A from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    P from Predator.

    How timely is this likely to be?

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