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Gary Larson, Editorial Cartoonist

While The Far Side cartoons have been repurposed by others for partisan ends, Gary Larson
himself has never been political except in the most general terms (e.g., the government sucks).

But now, in a new The Far Side cartoon, Gary gets specific as he
takes us into a Museum of Relics where he shows a rare artifact.

“Believed to have been shed in the second half of the 20th Century…one of two known…”

Community Comments

#1 Mary Ella
@ 10:30 am

Fake. Trump is incapable of shedding tears.

#2 phil von neupert
@ 4:42 pm

Only in self-pity. Then watch out for Niagra Falls!

#3 Mike
@ 2:37 pm

One of the great panel gag guys ever but he’s no editorial cartoonist. imo. Which is why I don’t paint landscapes.

#4 Mark l Yost
@ 9:37 am

I enjoy his cartoons

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