The Return of Small Potatoes by Paul Madonna


Paul Madonna, after a three year sabbatical from comic stripping has returned,
bringing his Small Potatoes back to GoComics on a regular basis.

Paul was creating the Small Potatoes comic strip from 2016 to 2017 when…

I took a break to focus on my second novel, Come to Light, which will be available in October. After three intensive years of working on that, it’s a pleasure to return to making smaller pieces for weekly publication.

Paul came to my attention about 16 years ago when he adapted his All Over Coffee comic strip into an illustrated Sunday feature for the San Francisco Chronicle.

In a GoComics interview reintroducing Small Potatoes Paul says:

I want the strips to feel active. The marks are always quick, and the characters are always moving. And with the writing style, because these are online comics, I’m not restricted by the traditional newspaper panel structure. With the three- to four-panel gag limitations removed, I can allow the setup and payoff to unfold in whatever number of panels the joke requires. This is refreshing because while I still aim to tell one main gag, it doesn’t have to follow the same beat as traditional strips.

This weekly rejuvenated Small Potatoes began August 3, 2020 and is updated on Mondays.

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