Tales From Cartooning

Joe Kubert is an acknowledged master of the comic arts,
but here Mark Avila appreciates him as the greatest teacher of the comic arts.


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Lalo Alcaraz and The Casagrandes – with Sergio Aragonés as Paco the parrot.
Lalo’s admiration for Sergio knows no bounds.


WASHINGTON—Bristling with anger as they paged through the news over breakfast, the nation was reportedly furious this weekend that the narratives of the comic strips in their Sunday papers remained wildly unsynchronized with the plots of their Monday through Saturday counterparts.

The Onion takes on weekday and Sunday comic strips and different storylines.


Animation Resources presents The History of The Chipmunks.


Immensely popular. Nell Brinkley, the queen of them all, was collected and saved by mostly female readers, often pasted in scrapbooks. Young girls would paste them in scrapbooks and colour them in.

It was never considered unusual for women to be drawing comics. Even before they got the vote, the newspapers were full of comics by women, like the amazingly prolific Grace Drayton, or Rose O’Neill’s kewpies.

Cartoonist Trina Robbins is interviewed in her role as comics historian
about her new book The Flapper Queens: Women Cartoonists of the Jazz Age.


Excerpts from assorted Bugs Bunny cartoons: