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The Soft Shoe Shuffle (Brookins to Lansing)

September 14, 2020 saw Ben Lansing begin signing the daily Shoe comic strip.

The change in art is negligible. As cartoonist Gary Brookins revealed earlier this year when he announced his retirement from Shoe after 20 years:

Ben Lansing, a talented cartoonist, illustrator, web designer (and Richmonder) will continue art production on “Shoe.” Ben has actually been working with us on the strip for five years, initially doing color, but a couple years ago he began producing most of the daily strips, and I did the Sundays. He’s now doing most of the Sunday strips, as well.

Gary’s last signed daily Shoe comic was September 12, 2020.

Gary will continue signing the Sunday strips for another month or two.



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#1 The Coolest Dude In The Universe
@ 12:41 pm

Funny, I haven’t read Shoe in 20 years. Looks like I missed an entire era of the strip (luckily on the internet most things aren’t permanently missable.)

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