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2020 Hindsites – Late on the Breaking News

Clearing out some bookmarked items.

The Blount County Daily Times has a nice write-up about Dave and Doreen Dotson and their long-running (15 years?) weekly comic strip Outzkirts. Unfortunately we only get one look at the article and then it goes behind a paywall. So I am unable to quote from the article.

But here’s a profile from a 2007 issue of Christian Examiner.

David and Doreen Dotson of French Valley are more than just partners in marriage. They started cartooning together shortly after meeting and marrying at a Calvary Chapel in 1990.

Their first strips were “Sports Barbs,” a sports-oriented cartoon, and “Jonah’s Journey,” a faith-based strip. The couple teamed up again to create “Outzkirts”—a family-friendly cartoon strip that brings wholesome entertainment to readers of all ages. Doreen draws and David does the gags.


Toonsmag, because everyone needs a George Booth bibliography.


It’s time for some late summer cartoon shout-outs from Andy Singer.


BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at a brand new graphic novel, Slaughterhouse-Five.
And Graphic Policy has the preview.


About a decade ago, Will McPhail was just an ordinary zoology student. Now, he’s regularly drawing for the world-famous The New Yorker magazine. How does one make such a change in their lives?

Bored Panda talks to Will McPhail, includes a cartoon gallery.


Jack Chick religious comics are the best-selling comics of all time.
Cartoonists Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg take a deep look at Chick Tracts.
The Something Awful forum has samples.


An index to one of the great comic history magazines.
And the magazine’s website.


Very late on this, but there is still two and a half months left for you to see
the Wisconsin Funnies: 50 Years of Comics exhibit at The Museum of Wisconsin Art.



From R. Robert Pollack and the Brenda Starr Fan Page,
a preview of what is coming in September from Dick Tracy.


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