Another Police Organization Rebukes Another Editorial Cartoonist (Pat Bagley Edition)

The Salt Lake Tribune cartoonist Pat Bagley is the latest
to come under attack for exercising First Amendment rights.

The Utah Sheriff’s Association has taken issue with an editorial cartoon published in The Salt Lake Tribune on September 1st:

From the Deseret News:

A controversial cartoon published this week by the Salt Lake Tribune’s Pat Bagley has raised the ire of law enforcement and several pro-law enforcement groups who are demanding an apology.

On social media, Bagley included comments with his cartoon, entitled “The Deep Hate.” He said, “White supremacists have made a point of infiltrating law enforcement. That’s a fact. That’s a problem.”

On Tuesday, the Utah Sheriff’s Association reacted strongly in an open letter.

“If you did not see Pat Bagley’s cartoon … consider yourself lucky,” the letter, signed by Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis, the association’s president, and Executive Director Scott Burns.


Of course the issue took to social media.

With Pat Bagley responding:

The furor provided an opening for politicians to support The Constitution:

No, Pat didn’t apologize:


A protest was organized.

As for The Salt Lake Tribune?

The Tribune does not plan to apologize, George Pyle, the editorial page editor, said, and the cartoon remains online.

The Tribune covers the protest, the controversy, and related local conditions.

Tribune reporter Paighten Harkins covered the protest live on her Twitter feed.

Oh, a Proud Boy who is speaking out just pointed out a man wearing a “Defund the media” shirt. Then, he said “F— The Salt Lake Tribune.”

Said he hasn’t seen the cartoon, but doesn’t need to. “We’re coming after you, The Salt Lake Tribune,” he says.

Follow Pat Bagley on Twitter as he deals with the aftereffects.

Thanks to everyone for your support today. Enduring a RW pile-on is a roller coaster of emotions: anger, fear, doubt, self-examination. rededication…and mirth. It’s been exhausting.


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