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September celebrates Beetle Bailey at 70, then October will see Charlie Brown celebrating his 70th. Charlie (and his dog) gets a bit more publicity than Beetle, including Timex licensing.

In August a new cartoonist joined The New Yorker club. Lillie J. Harris is the 14th cartoonist to make her first appearance in the magazine this year. Michael Maslin has the details, including the team that made up the 13th that also debuted in this issue.


above: Buni, The Awkward Yeti, Sarah’s Scribbles

Sakshi Kore recommends five webcomics:

I have an affinity for comics and thanks to [Instagram]I follow a bunch of webcomic artists whose artwork I practically get lost into for hours. Scrolling through their work is my favourite bedtime activity. Somehow, these short comics really help me decompress and allow me to get rid of whatever’s stressing me. If you’re someone who is as interested in webcomics as me, ahead, I have put together a list of 5 artists that need your attention ASAP. 

below: Poorly Drawn Lines, Wawawiwa


above: R. Sikoryak

Comics Beat interviews the author of The Constitution; well, Constitution Illustrated anyway.

But I knew early on that to make this project special, I could not edit, compress, or rewrite the Constitutional text in any way. Even the spelling and punctuation had to be consistent with the original documents. I didn’t want to be accused of changing its meaning. Breaking down the text into small sections made adapting it somewhat easier. Although that made my page count much higher!



Breaking (not Cat) News: Georgia Dunn is drawing a story unrelated to her comic strip.


Jimmye Turnerfire prevention specialist for the U.S. Forest Service and cartoonist.

The Digger Bear comic strip wasn’t created until the early 2000s, but Turner’s cartoon-making career stretches back to 1987, when he first started out as a fire prevention specialist. The tradition began began when he was tasked with creating forest fire action plans.

“Every day the fire team puts out an action plan, which plans out what we’re going to do today on the fire and what’s going on,” he said. “As the information officer for a team, I would put little comic strips in there, kidding the firefighters and making jokes about them, along with my page of information. When you’re fighting a forest fire, you can be pretty easily cut off from the news.”

The cartoons were an instant hit among the other Forest Service staff.


Buy an Ann Telnaes print; support Cartoonists Rights Network International!


Katy Perry goes old-school animation for “Harleys in Hawaii.”

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