An Eighth Grade Social Studies Assignment

An eighth grade social studies assignment has riled some parents.
We’ve covered the initial commotion and the cartoonist’s reaction.

Here’s the (distant-learning) assignment that is causing all the hubbub.




Cartoonist credits (from top)
David Fitzsimmons
Kallol Majumder
Elena Steier

4 thoughts on “An Eighth Grade Social Studies Assignment

  1. I don’t know Jape. As you can see these are pictures taken off the students’ computers. Elena’s cartoon was the only one with any credit seen. David’s and Kallol’s cartoons were cut off at the bottom on every shot of the actual assignments that I have seen.

  2. I can see where some people would see this as a partisan political exercise. Then again, objective truth sometimes mandates that we take a position on the issues. I think the question here is, “Are these cartoons an accurate portrayal of events?” I believe the answer is “Yes.”

  3. I’ve pointed out in a few other places that, while the po-lice have a long long LONG bad history with black Americans — going back to the days where most police departments were formed to hunt down escaped slaves — it is actually the fire department that was associated with the KKK in the south.

    The volunteer fire brigade was both a hang-out and a prime recruiting ground for the Klu Klux Klan. And considering that arson was one of the primary tools of terrorism for the white supremacist group, it makes they would be attracted to where a lot of pyros are attracted: the local fire dept. Like white moths to flame, as it were.

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