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Join Phoebe and Marigold on a trip through the history books for
10 magical facts about the most stunning creatures to ever trot the Earth.


Okay Sherlock, another Minit Mystery to test your abilities of deduction!
Can you gather the clues and solve the whodunit before the September 6 denouement?
The special Dick Tracy segment began August 23, 2020.


Time is running out! Vote now! (Vote often?)

All you must do is send an email to with your lettered choice.
Expect to see the winning dress as the big date draws nearer,
and don’t forget to tune into Dethany’s wedding on October 31!
Just uh…Don’t expect the E dress to win.


For some of us (see Eddie Campbell above) research is fun and games.
So we are elated about the recent announcement from The Billy Ireland:

We are happy to announce the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum reading room and galleries will reopen to the public in the coming weeks. Due to COVID-19, new protocols have been put in place to ensure the safety of our staff and guests.

On August 25, the Lucy Shelton Caswell Reading Room will reopen for research by appointment. Appointments may be available Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1:30-3:30 pm.


From comes Wonderfully Weird Facts You Want to Know About Walt Disney.
For example:

Walt Disney had a two-year contract with Technicolor that gave him the exclusive filming rights to the three-strip technicolor system—no other film studio could release a technicolor film with this system until 1936! Flowers and Trees, a 1932 Silly Symphonies cartoon, produced by Walt Disney, was the first commercially released film to be produced in the full-color three-strip Technicolor process after years of two-color Technicolor films.

In May of 1932, the first three-strip Technicolor camera was complete. Herbert Kalmus, co-founder and president of the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation, wanted to test it in the animation field, but couldn’t find anyone interested. Finally, Walt agreed to it, against his brother’s advice, and experimented on Flowers and Trees, which was already in production in black and white. Developing this film in color was a huge financial burden on Disney, but the profits made up for it. Due to its success, all Silly Symphonies cartoons were produced in three-strip Technicolor.


While we may pass this way but once, some comic strips get reincarnated.
Above is the August 23, 2020 Mark Trail Sunday strip.
Below some antecedents. (hat tip to “Angular Cyrus”)

July 28, 1963:

August 6, 2000:

May 8, 2005: