What Might Have Been – Nancy (part two)

Two or three decades ago the syndicate was entertaining auditions for cartoonists to take on the Nancy comic strip. Well, two or three years ago the syndicate did it all over again. Shaenon K. Garrity was among those who worked up samples.

It seems Shaenon went with gags working off week-long arcs.

She recently dug out those tryouts for her “Nancy-obsessed kid.

Better yet, she has shared them with us Nancy-obsessed fans.

Check out a few weeks of Shaenon’s Nancy submissions.


One thought on “What Might Have Been – Nancy (part two)

  1. Would it be great if Shaenon K. Garrity became the artist to reboot the Peanuts comic strip if she got approval from the Charles M. Schulz estate?

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