Real Toons by Davian Chester Goes Print – updated

Young cartoonist Davian Chester is getting his Real Toons comic into print.
The weekly Miami Times newspaper is taking on the comic beginning August 19, 2020 (I think).

From the Miami Times introduction:

A rising cartoonist making a splash on the internet and on social media will now be a regular contributor to the pages of The Miami Times.

Davian Chester is a 27-year-old digital artist from Columbus, Georgia. He is the owner of Real Toons and is best known for illustrating the Black experience. He was labeled the “Juneteenth Guy” last year when his “Google Doodle” commemorating June 19 went viral after the search engine behemoth failed to post one. His artwork has been featured in many shows as well as shared by celebrities and news outlets.

Davian became something of a celebrity last year when Google passed on a “Google Doodle” for Juneteenth 2019, so Davian worked up one that went viral.

Not long after the Google Doodle hit The Washington post did a story about it and profiled Davian:

Davian Chester went to Google’s homepage the morning of June 19 expecting to see a Google doodle honoring Juneteenth, the most widely recognized celebration of the end of slavery in the United States.

Instead, he saw Google’s regular colorful logo.

So Chester, a graphic artist who often draws social commentary, grabbed his pencil. “I thought I could come up with something real quick,” he said.

He dashed off his own Google doodle depicting the day: handcuffed wrists of a black person breaking out of chains — with the chains being the word Google. It took him about an hour.

As mentioned above Davian’s cartoons are more social commentary than political. Though…

Real Toons
by Davian Chester
August 19, 2020 –
weekly comic
Miami Times
[first appeared as a webcomic ca. 2012]



Davian was kind enough to answer a few of my questions:

Yes it started in the 19th that was my first one!

Real Toons started back in 2009 as sketched comics on paper, and was officially online I believe back in 2012 on Facebook, then 2014 on Instagram.