Still Drawing After All These Years

The new New Yorker cover is by 99-year-old Pop Artist Wayne Thiebaud.

The New Yorker interviews their cover artist, who will turn 100 this November.

Tell me a little about how a boy who wanted to be a cartoonist became a painter.

Well, I still do cartoons for myself. I love cartoons—they are so much a part of caricature, and caricature is useful in terms of style. When you think like a cartoonist, it makes possible the idea of diminishment, of exaggeration.

And you tried to make it as a professional cartoonist?

Yes, when I went to New York in 1946, I tried to sell cartoons. That was why I went. And I got to meet a lot of those wonderful cartoonists: George Price, Reamer Keller, Helen Hokinson, Peter Arno. But I found them somewhat lacking in humor. [Laughs.] They were kind of angry all the time. Some of them were pretty cynical.


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