At 90 Betty Boop Becomes a Senior Stripper

Betty Boop debuted 90 years ago with the August 9, 1930 release of Dirty Dizzy Dishes.

Animation Magazine has a slight overview of Betty Boop at 90.

The Forward has a look at creator Max Fleischer.

Via YouTube is that introductory Dirty Dishes:

After the Hayes Code toned down Betty’s scandalous behavior her popularity never recovered, though she has remained a recognizable name and figure in pop culture. And she remains a bankable licensing character as King Features proves at Betty Boop’s homepage. The Betty Boop Facebook page has a celebration planned for 9am on August 9.

Happy Birthday Betty!

One thought on “At 90 Betty Boop Becomes a Senior Stripper

  1. “Dizzy Dishes,” not “Dirty Dishes.” It even says it on the clip.

    From the first image on this page to the last, it seems the thing people remember Betty best for is putting her head on someone else’s body, from the ‘Samoan’ dancer in BETTY BOOP’S BAMBOO ISLE to Marilyn Monroe.

    I’ll never forgive the censors for taking her boop-oop-a-doop away. The later Betty cartoons are a crime against the character

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