New Local Comic – Rosebuds by Deon Parson

Deon Parsons of Life With Kurami fame has a new comic strip, Rosebuds, that will appear in print weekly in The Herald Bulletin and twice-weekly at GoComics.

The Anderson (Ind.) Herald Bulletin announces the new comic strip:

Many readers of The Herald Bulletin will remember him for the daily strip “Life with Kurami,” which was published from the spring of 2015 through the fall of 2017.

We hated to say goodbye to Kurami, but Deon had other artistic ideas to develop, and he has since created two captivating cartoon worlds — “Pen & Ink” and “Rosebuds.”

The latter caught the eye of creative experts at the national syndicate Andrews McMeel Publishing, which has offered Deon a contract to produce two strips a week for the GoComics website.

The Herald Bulletin continues:

That’s great news for a deserving young artist!

There’s good news for readers of The Herald Bulletin, as well.

Beginning Saturday, the newspaper will publish a “Rosebuds” strip weekly [emphasis added].

Here’s an introduction to the strip, courtesy of Deon:

“Rosebuds” explores the bonds of three sisters, Rosa, Maria and Maricela Gonzalez, and follows the daily antics and rivalries springing from their relationships.

Though they can be thorns in one another’s sides, their unconditional love keeps them blossoming.

by $upr Dee (Deon Parson)
August 8, 2020 –
weekly strip
The (Anderson, Ind.) Herald Bulletin

The strip is not yet running on GoComics (I have feelers out for that debut).
note: A highly placed source says Rosebuds will start on GoComics on August 10, 2020.