Daily Cartoonist Facebook Fancies for July

Occasionally, over at The Daily Cartoonist Facebook page, we throw in, along with links to items here, a cartoon or drawing that impressed us but didn’t show up here on The Daily Cartoonist site. Here are a few from July.

We started with this great Rob Tornoe cartoon celebrating
the United States’ birthday from America’s Newspapers.


This cover of a forthcoming T. S. Sullivant book was too delightful too resist.


This Albert and Churchy panel from Pogo proved very popular.

The panel came from Thomas Haller Buchanan’s Pogo in Pandemonia blog. which features some wonderful animals and creatures as drawn by Walt Kelly. These days Thomas occasionally updates his other Walt blog: Whirled of Kelly.


A promo from the Pine Bluff Daily Graphic of July 16, 1920 by F. Opper, a founding father.


The awesome Hal Foster. From a King Features 80th celebration.


Hey Rube! Rube Goldberg was both a comic strip and editorial cartoonist. Via Comic Strip History.


Mike Kister of Comic Book: The Golden Age Facebook group brought a smile to our faces.


And Brian Walker kept the smile there.


For the Benefit of Mr. Kite: a fun strip that isn’t from our Facebook page,
but we have a fondness for these Jim Scancarelli pages. This from July 13, 2014.


4 thoughts on “Daily Cartoonist Facebook Fancies for July

  1. The Pogo in Pandemonia site is one no comics fan wants to pass by. The link has been corrected. Thanks, Steve.

  2. In the 1990s I read hundreds of Italian fumetti. I’m convinced that if they were influenced by any American comic strip it was Prince Valiant. (My favorite was Martin Mystere, which went downhill fast after 2000.)

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