Comic Strip Shenanigans

Let’s begin with the imminent end of the Stone Soup comic strip.

The Columbus Dispatch has picked Frazz to replace the Sunday-only strip:

The Sunday comic strip Stone Soup will end next Sunday, the edition of July 26.

The comic Frazz will replace Stone Soup on Sunday. The Dispatch currently runs Frazz in the daily paper, but we have not had it in the Sunday paper. It will appear there in color for the first time in the edition of Aug. 2.

In Jan’s home paper the Eugene Register-Guard it is Heart of the City getting the Sunday spot;
though they seem to be confused on the end date of their hometown cartoonist:

The Register-Guard is replacing “Stone Soup,” which ran its last strip July 19, with a daring domestic exploration in artist Christina “Steenz” Stewart’s new version of “Heart of the City.”


Above is the July 18 issue of The Phantom
just because we think it is a great ending image to the hero’s last adventure.


Speaking of Lee Falk…

Legacy of Mandrake the Magician is a new comic book coming later this year.
Today Tea of King Features and Erica of Lgacy will hold a Comic-Con panel about the comic.


Just noting that Herb and Jamaal has returned to new material.

Steve Bentley went on a sabbatical a couple years ago to further his other vocation and the strip went into mostly rerun status. Last year the comic returned with about half the strips being new; and this year, aside from a couple short breaks, it has been all new. The recent comics dealing with current events is what grabbed our attention.

We apologize for not noting this earlier and hope Steve will forgive us
(that’s kinda his job):

above: Steve as Deacon, bicycle repairman for charity, and cartoonist


Checkout Ricky Hawkins comic strips (this religious one is an outlier but we love it).


Sequestered at the Colonnade

What’s a retired cartoonist to do while sheltering in place?
Jim Greenwald is contributing cartoons to the community newsletter.

A Valley artist launched a cartoon series in hopes of spreading laughter to his neighbors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jim Greenwald, who worked professionally throughout his life as a cartoonist, penned the series titled “Sequestered at the Colonnade.” Greenwald lives at Sun Health’s “The Colonnade” retirement community in Surprise.



Other cartoonists are also using their stay-at-home orders creatively.

Chief Petty Officer Second Class Chris Fraser is making us giggle by releasing his private collection of single-pane pen-and-ink cartoons.

“My art work is really about the process of looking around at the world in front of me in Dockyard, being well versed in common puns, and being able to twist them into a naval situation to add some levity,” he says. “The navy has its own language and sometimes it’s easy to take some of the words, names, and acronyms and make them humorous.”


Did we mention that we loved Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman‘s furlough strips last week?


Happiness from Don Wimmer