Dan Nakrosis – RIP

Cartoonist Dan Nakrosis has passed away.

Daniel A. “Dano” Nakrosis
July 4, 1963 – July 21, 2020


Comic writer, artist, letterer, editor

From the obituary:

Born in Bayonne, Dan’s coloring, lettering and artwork graced the pages of all the major comics publishers across a wide genre of books. His work history included stints at DC, Marvel, Wildstorm, Walt Disney and Archie, among many others; on titles including “Aquaman,” manga versions of “Spiderman,” “The X-Men” and the “Conservation Corps,” also known as the “Eco Crew.” He also worked as a writer, editor and publisher for over 30 years with most of the major names in the U.S. comic book industry. For many years, Dan ran a studio which specialized in producing translations of Japanese manga comics for Western audiences.

Dan was also a graphic artist who’s advertising and promotional work was used by many companies, including Trader Joe’s.

From Dan’s Hudson Valley Comic Con page:

Dan Nakrosis has penciled, inked, colored or lettered hundreds of kids comics for Archie, Harvey, Disney, Mirage and many more publishers. He co-created  The Conservation Corps for Archie, and has also worked  for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, First, Malibu, Comico, and basically every major comic company.  He spent a short time as an editor at Image, and then became one of the “go to guys” in the emerging Manga Industry, where he adapted and packaged such well known titles as Pokemon, Beserk, Tenchi Muyo, Batman, Spider-Man and the X-Men.


More from the obituary:

A graduate of Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington and the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Art in Dover, NJ, Dan was also very active as a member of the National Cartoonist Society, serving as the New Jersey Chapter President and in other officer positions over several decades. He was a regular attendee of the NCS’ Reuben Awards ceremony, and often worked as a member of the group’s election committee, helping to collect and compile votes for the award which honors the Cartoonist of the Year.

above: Dan, a year ago, with NCS NJ Chapter friends Don Wimmer, Tom Stemmle, Hy Eisman

below: a Halloween cartoon from Dan “Let’s Go Mets” Nakrosis

4 thoughts on “Dan Nakrosis – RIP

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful remembrance of my long time friend, Dan. May he Rest in Peace.

  2. Thank you for posting this article about my cousin Dan. He was a great guy and a wonderful artist who loved working in the comic book industry. He will be sorely missed.

    -Michael Moreno

  3. So sorry to hear about Dan’s passing.

    He was the first person I was in contact with in the NJ chapter 20 years ago and was very welcoming and made me feel right at home. His artwork was a clean and classic comic book art style that will live far beyond him. A Dio, Dan.

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