Lalo Alcaraz Partners With The Republicans

The Lincoln Project is hitting Donald Trump again—this time partnering with a well-known Latino cartoonist from Los Angeles who never thought he would work with Republicans.

The group made up of veteran Republican strategists, who have endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president, partnered on a political cartoon with pioneering artist Lalo Alcaraz, who created La Cucaracha, the first nationally syndicated, political Latino daily comic strip.

“The threat to the Latino community is so bad I had to join up with Republicans to try to stop it,” Alcaraz told Newsweek. “Just the damage this guy is doing with his inept handling of this really awful crisis that affects all of our communities, but hits black and brown and native communities hardest.”

The cartoon, which will run on The Lincoln Project’s social media sites, shows the president holding a rally with the coronavirus, with rally-goers represented as Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Oklahoma, states where the virus is spiking. In trademark political cartoon fashion, it includes bits of truth. The cartoon says “No Mask Zone” and “No Waiver No Entry” after reports that Trump’s campaign removed social distancing signs in the arena before the president’s Tulsa rally and had people sign waivers to “assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.”

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As Ray Suarez says:
I never thought I’d find The Lincoln Project and @laloalcaraz on my Venn diagram. And yet, there it is.”