Early Greg Evans Graphics

As everyone knows Greg Evan created and syndicated Luann in 1985,
becoming a young, overnight success. Well, maybe not overnight.

Ten years earlier Greg and Betty had returned to The States from Australia and settled, for a time, in Colorado Springs, Colorado with Greg trying to capitalize on his creative abilities.

above and below from the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph of 1975

But it wasn’t all bad news, Greg did find some work:

A creative Colorado Springs TV and radio communications director, promotion manager, graphic artist and cameraman transformed staff into comic characters in his popular in-house newsletter.

Anchors, news directors and staff personalities in caricature were followed in laugh-out-loud daily adventures, some real, most invented.

“The KRDO KOMICS,” with gems including the “1240 Chortle” named for the radio station’s spot on the dial, were the creation of Greg Evans, who since 1985 has produced the popular newspaper comic strip “Luann.”

After teaching, traveling and his time in Colorado Springs at KRDO, Channel 13, and KRDO Radio, he and his family headed back home to California where he had his own robot; he and Maxwel The Robot were hired for parties and conventions. Maxwel was also a talking robot at San Diego Zoo.

The Gazette has the story and some art of Greg’s Colorado sojourn.


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