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Uncle Ben. Aunt Jemima. Eskimo Pie.
Tayo Fatunla goes there with his recent Our Roots.

When the images on the products are eventually changed, I will miss the smiling and inviting faces that made people of all races buy them.
From an artist’s point of view, the images have been selling the products. I will not miss though, the racial stereotype on which they were based on and produced.

More Our Roots.


Happy Birthday Garfield!

From a comic strip and merchandise, movies, television specials and shows, the fictional cat Garfield is a multimillion-dollar and maybe even a billion-dollar character. Here is how much Garfield is worth.

Fox Business looks at the net worth of the 42-year-old billionaire.

Garfield gained traction over the years and reportedly peaked in 2004 with its circulation reaching 2,600 daily newspapers, according to a report from Licensing International.


The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Suffers Untimely Death.

The long awaited graphic biography of famed cartoonist Alex Raymond will not happen.
Dave Sim has announced the end of the project:

I’m afraid I’ve had enough. THE STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND can’t be made to happen with 123 people. All the money you paid in is gone, as is the $9K I made selling SDOAR artwork through, the $16K that came in on CAN8 (I’m still paying off the $4.7K shipping bill) and what was left of the JAKA’S STORY REMASTERED money. I’m back to borrowing against my life insurance to pay bills. And, personally, making about $350 US a month.

It’s also taking all my time to keep up with CEREBUS IN HELL? — Watch for SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? coming later this year through Diamond — and my new (and presumably “from now on” lifelong) role as a 1980s Nostalgia Act in association with Waverly Press and, of course, the CEREBUS ARCHIVE Portfolios. Those I will continue to deliver on.

I’m sorry you all wasted your money on SDOAR. I can’t remember the last time I effed everyone over as I’m doing here. I don’t think I ever have.

Although there is a chance of seeing what exists of the project:

Thanks for the continued interest in SDAOR. Dave has decided to cease working on and trying to publish the book. But, he has given me permission to publish what is completed so far on my own terms.
I am currently submitting SDOAR to established publishers in hopes to avoid any more crowd-funding efforts. The fans got burned far too badly through those means for me to be comfortable turning right back to them. This needs to be very simple from here on out; a release date through an established publisher, go to a store, or Amazon, and buy the book.
I will let everyone know if and when a publisher picks us up. If I get rejected by everyone then we will return to the crowd-funding option.

A Moment of Cerebus posts tagged The Strange Death of Alex Raymond
A Moment of Cerebus post tagged Alex Raymond ( a lot of art).


Newspaper Brings Back Comics After Reader Outrage

Bowing to pressure the Otago Daily Times in New Zealand has brought back the funnies:

We asked for feedback on changes to our Diversions page in the Otago Daily Times, and we got it.
“Bring back the comics” was the loud and clear message from our readers.
The comics were put in lockdown recently as we revamped the Diversions page to accommodate more puzzles.
We have listened to your calls and are pleased to report we have found a new home, from today, on the inside back page of the newspaper for Zits, Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes.
Unfortunately, Hagar the Horrible didn’t make the cut.
Clearly, there are a lot of comic strip fans out there and we are pleased we will be able to put a smile back on the faces of our readers.


A Puzzling Detour

A Notice from Reed Brennan:

The BIBLE WORD SEARCH puzzle is no longer available and will likely be discontinued.


We Take Exit 17 in the Pacific Northwest.

And when you’re traveling with crafty cartoonist G.R. Ubby, few are sketchier than “Exit 17.”

Ubby, pen name of Bainbridge Island’s own Amy Momb-Deen, recently released two books collecting her silly, stylish “Exit 17” cartoons, single-frame scenarios that display her fondness for pets and puns in equal measure.

The Bainbridge Island Review interviews Exit 17 cartoonist Amy Momb-Deen.


New York Daily News Sunday Tabloid Comics Section

Hat tip to Michael Vassallo for a look at the cover of the Daily News Sunday Comics.


The Life and Times of Stephan Pastis

Jan. 16, 1968
Born in Los Angeles
Graduates UC Berkley with a degree in political science.
Begins law school at UCLA.
Begins working as an insurance defense litigation attorney in the Bay Area.
Mid 1990s
Submits several comic strip ideas to syndicates.
Meets “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz and solicits advice on comic strip creation.
Pastis submits strips to more syndicates.

Charles Apple runs the life of Stephan Pastis past us.

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