Comic Strip and Cartoon News Roundup


Life With Kurami Official Website Up

A recent note from Dee Parsons:

I guess it’s a good time as any to officially announce that Life With Kurami’s official site is up! I’ll be continuously uploading past strips up for your viewing pleasure.
I’m really excited to have this up as it’s been a long time coming!

Some history.


Special Vinyl Reissues of Peanuts Greatest Hits and Peanuts Portraits

Both reissues will come out on July 24 [2020]. However, there is no need to wait until then. Peanuts Greatest Hits is available to pre-order here, and Peanuts Portraits from this side.

Details, including track list, at Explica.


Al Jaffee’s Final Fold-In

Forward has the exclusive look at the last unreleased Al Jaffee Fold-In.
Since it is behind a paywall after one view, here’s the CBR look at the madness.

The special Al(l) Jaffee issue releases on June 16, 2020.


From a Seasoned Cartoonist to a Beginning Creator

10-year-old Carter Heiselmann gets his Chicken Strips in the newspaper.
From Terri Richardson, Features Editor of The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

So when budding cartoonist Carter Heiselmann told his father that he wanted to get his comics in the newspaper, his father told him he would have to draw 52 of them. Of course, his father, Fer, admits he told his son that number in an effort to minimize his son’s persistence and enthusiasm, not really knowing what it took to get a comic in the paper.

But Carter’s persistence prevailed and he did what his dad said, drawing 52 comic panels.

Carter now wanted his dad to send them in so they could get published. “He doesn’t quite get it still isn’t that easy,” his father said in an email asking whether someone would look at the comics with the hope they might get published.

Well, who am I to squash a 10-year-old’s dreams. So I present to you, readers, “Chicken Strips.”


No New Spider-Man Comic Strip (Yet)

Later this month Marvel Comics and King Features will continue the reprinting of The Amazing Spider-Man comic strips by presenting the five month long Dr. Strange story from 2016.

In March 2019 Marvel/KFS announced that though the strip was going into reruns, “We’ll be back soon with great new stories and art.” I’m beginning to lose hope for that happening.


Last Sunday’s Funnies Today

Last Sunday the Reporter-Times ran the wrong comics section. As a result they put the right one online. So here’s a look at what Martinsville residents laugh at on Sunday mornings.


Hand Drawn Life Wins Emmy!

Hand Drawn Life has just won a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award
for best Independent Programming for its airing on KCET-PBS.