Is Living in the Real World Good Comic Stripping?

Yes, there are comic strips, mostly of a political nature, that reflect real world actions.
But most comic strips are fantasy:
children as philosophers,
talking animals,
armed forces never going to war,
ageless people,
ghosts who walk.
There is even one where a conservative and a liberal care for each other!

But what happens when history — unavoidable history, with sweeping changes to everyday life that may stick around a good long while — suddenly happens very quickly, as it did this spring, when the coronavirus spread worldwide and prompted unprecedented countermeasures? Polygon reached out to several syndicated newspaper comics creators to find out how the current historical moment has affected their work, and how it has affected the sometimes wonky flow of time within their private universes.

The real world is encroaching more and more into the funny pages.
Josh Fruhlinger, The Comics Curmudgeon, looks at today’s Funnies for Polygon.