The Big Thank You Search of 2020

First, a big congratulations to all the cartoonists who managed to participate given the tight timeline! Also thanks to the syndicates who helped, I’m sure, most of the cartoonists juggle their already scheduled strips to swap in the “Thank You” strips.

Most of you have probably seen today’s strips, if not check out the June 7 pages at Comics Kingdom and GoComics and, of course, your local paper’s Sunday Funnies.

There were the Find The Hidden Objects/Where’s Waldo puzzle searches, with it being not out-of-the-ordinary for some strips like The Family Circus and Thatababy who have a history of such scenes.


I enjoyed the strips, like Foxtrot, that made the exercise a natural part of its raison d’être, and comic strips like Barney & Clyde that made it a supernatural part of their design.


Many cartoonists added the symbols into their already existing strips. I don’t know the deadline for Prince Valiant, but whether it was drawn for the purpose or the icons were added later, it was ingenious!

I’m sure someone (not me) will have a list* of all the syndicated and online comics that participated. If we find such a list we will pass it on.

In the meantime – like Rose and Jimbo and Pasquale and Don,
we thank those who served during the crisis.

*Edgar at the Comics Kingdom blog has a gallery of (all?) the print contributors.

*The GoComics Blog has a slightly different gallery.


Later today (June 7, 2020):

Join Tea Foughner of Comics Kingdom, Richard Kirkman of Baby Blues Comic Strip (Official), The National Cartoonists Society President Jason Chatfield, and more cartoonists talk about thanking essential workers in the midst of the COVID crisis through the role of comics.

Tune in on Comics Kingdom’s Facebook on 6/7 at 3PM EST/12PM


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  1. Most impressed with Prince Valiant! Figured some strips would have a hard time getting anything more than an apple into the visuals.

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