Olive Brinker’s Rae The Doe Joins Comics Kingdom

Rae The Doe, a comic strip by Olive Brinker, is joining the Comics Kingdom lineup beginning tomorrow, June 8, 2020.

Comics Kingdom announced on Twitter that Rae the Doe will start appearing on their website on June 8:

Comics Kingdom has a page that should go active late Sunday night,
and there already is a spot on the King Features Syndicate page.

As described by King Features:

Rae the Doe is a comic about the life and times of a doe named Rae and her punk skunk girlfriend Mimi. There’s also her roommate, Pascal the Bat, her eccentric, trash-loving friends Cybil the Moth and Lottie the Opossum, and Sawyer the Squirrel, the voice of reason within the group. The comic is full of silly jokes, satire, and the occasional groan-worthy pun. The comic also touches on themes of LGBT acceptance and coping with anxiety and depression. Rae the Doe ran as an independent webcomic for two and half years before it was picked up by King for syndication.

Early this month Olive was interviewed by Comics Beat. The introduction to that interview:

Olive Brinker is a cartoonist with the wind in her sails. Her long-running webcomics Rae the Doe has proven so popular, she successfully crowdfunded a series of plushes based on her characters Rae and Mimi. Fresh off the success of her latest crowdfunding campaign, Rae the Doe has just released its 365th comic, and the series will now be syndicated via Comics Kingdom. It’s quite a feat. Her strip is charming, thoughtful and hilarious. I spoke with Brinker about her webcomic, making comedy (and plushes), and getting her comic syndicated.

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