Bianca Xunise: Modern Cartoonist, Classic Sense

Bianca Xunise is the newest member of the Six Chix group, but that is a small part of her cartooning. In fact this profile doesn’t even mention her newest gig.

Xunise was never really aware of the concept of being an artist. It was merely an extension of how she communicated to the people around her. She adds, “It was just part of who I am, in the same terms of nobody really needed to tell me that I am black and I knew that I was. In the same way, nobody needed to tell me I was an artist, I kind of knew that I was. So it was a way of how I expressed myself, and it helped with how I expressed my feelings.”

Xunise draws every single day, spending anywhere from four to 10 hours honing her craft. She believes it’s important to actively give herself time to draw so that she always remembers why she loves doing it; this also helps her break away from shortcuts and habits that can develop when artists stop challenging themselves.

Get to know Bianca from this Nylon profile.

Her drawing style stems from 1960s cartoons that featured simplistic circles, squares, and triangles. Xunise’s vision comes from a place of creating things that instill a sense of calmness; she explains that “calmness in cuteness” relates to our obsession with memes of babies, cats, and dogs.


This is the final piece I did for @byshondaland before I was let go for speaking out about racism I experienced after being told to make a comic about a black woman’s murder more positive.

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