Meanwhile, earlier this same week…

Agnes started this week with a joke so funny it doesn’t look to be surpassed.
Agnes and Trout routines are laugh out loud funny (and your mileage will not vary).


The Phantom has foolishly entered The Forbidden Forest where he is trippin’ (and naked).

Well, not totally naked; after all there is just so skinny The Phantom can get when he’s dipping.


While in The Lost Forest they’re paving Paradise and puttin’ up…

Though this Mark Trail story looks to be turning into an Andy Come Home adventure:


Buckles, on the other hand, has been left Home Alone.


Gasoline Alley has gone into reruns. The last time this happened Jim Scancarelli took that time to set up one of his Old Comics Home episodes (let’s hope). This rerun comes from 2010, and it is hard to just dismiss a story that will feature Jim’s wonderful cartoon animal art.


Wallace the Brave‘s friend Spud is the complete opposite of Agnes’ friend Trout.


Between the art and the gags I can’t resist Over The Hedge.


Hey! The new Popeye’s Cartoon Club comic strips are in daily format! This one is anyway.

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  1. I also hope the Gasoline Alley rerun break in 2020 doesn’t lead into an arc to honor the 100th. anniversary of Skeexix in the Gasoline Alley comic strip.

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